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Discover the beauty of Puebla

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Puebla is a beautiful city that offers its visitors an unforgettable experience; its colonial streets, modern buildings and delicious cuisine, make it one of the most pleasant destinations to spend a weekend or a complete vacation.

We invite you to explore its many tourist attractions, its streets full of history and without a doubt, its exceptional flavors. Let the mixture of history, tradition and culture take you on a fantastic journey through one of the most traditional places in Mexico.

Visit the Temple of San Francisco de Asis, the Historical Center, and the glorious Cathedral, three places full of history that combine architecture, art, and past. Spend a family day at Africam Safari, the largest zoo in Latin America with fun shows, a butterfly farm and the territory of elephants.

Learn about the historic battle of 5 de Mayo in Los Fuertes de Loreto and Guadalupe, a place where you can also enjoy a spectacular view of the entire city. Don´t forget to visit La Estrella de Puebla and the Bikeway, two new attractions that are distinguished by their modernity and architecture compared to that of European countries.

If you want o by typical state handcrafts and sweets, the Parian Market is the best option to buy handcrafts made by artisans from the region. On the other hand, if you want to try a cemita, the Melchor Ocampo Market awaits you with a variety of this delicious dish.

And talking about gastronomy, the dishes of Puebla are a delight for your senses. Internationally recognized, Puebla's cuisine is one of the most varied and representative of Mexico among the dishes that stand out, and you must try, are: chiles en nogada, mole, chalupas, and escamoles.

In Puebla there is always something new to see, discover, and try. We are waiting for you!