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A dish for every month

Puebla’s gastronomy is so vast that we can find in it dishes that are prepared depending on each season of the year. Below we present the most representative dishes of this state and of course we invite you to try them on your next visit to Puebla.

March and April
During these months you can find Huauzontles among the dishes of restaurants of Puebla, delighting tourists and locals of the city. If you have never tried this dish, it is herbs stuffed with goat’s cheese, then battered and covered in tomato sauce. As a cultural data, huauzontle is a native plant of Mexico so it is very difficult to find in another part of the world. You must try it!

In addition to huazontles, Escamoles are also prepared. A dish of pre-Hispanic origin made with ant eggs fried in butter. It is said that they are the Mexican caviar for its high cost that varies from 800 to a thousand pesos a kilo. Served with guacamole, beans or salsa.

During this month you can enjoy the famous Maguey worms. If you encourage yourself to try this dish, we recommend to have them fried in a tortilla with guacamole.

June, July and August
The summer dish is the Huitlacoche, made with black mushrooms that grow in corn kernels and are cooked with poblano chili. It is said that this dish was the food of the Aztec Gods. Many hesitate to try it for its dark aspect but once you try it, you won’t be able to stop having it for its delicious and special flavor.

July, August and September
At this time of year Chiles en Nogada are a must, one of the most representative dishes of Mexico for its unique combination of flavors, made with poblano chilis stuffed with sweet hash, bathed in a creamy nut sauce and decorated with pomegranate seeds. A dish that you definitely have to try at least once in your life.

October and November
During the last months of the year we can find a dish called Mole de Caderas, also known as Huaxmole that is prepared with goat’s meat from the region of Tehuacan, Puebla. This stew has a sauce made of serrano, guajillo and coastal chilis, as well as tomatoes, garlic, onions and green beans. It is one of the most representative dishes of the Puebla region, so you cannot leave the city without trying it.

A dish that can be found in December are Stuffed Chipotles. A delicious combination of chipotle chilis with blue cheese and walnut, cooked in the oven. In some places they are also prepared with banana or goat cheese.

Delight your palate with all these delicacies, we invite you to visit Puebla, one of the most diverse and beautiful states of Mexico. If you are planning on coming soon, we recommend Best Western Plus Puebla, a modern hotel with an excellent location, just 10 minutes away from the historic center and with very comfortable amenities, no matter if it’s a business or leisure trip. Ask about their rates by calling 01800-227-27-00.

Photo by: Venacomer