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Do you want to know Puebla from the heights?

If you are touring Puebla and want to know a new side of this magnificent city, do not miss the opportunity to visit La Estrella de Puebla. This new attraction is part of a project called "Parque Lineal", which seeks to promote Puebla.

This begins in Jardín del Arte, it has two restaurants, 3 artificial lakes, 2 jogging tracks and an extra floor with 800 meters high and one of the most important commercial centers of this place.

Know Puebla from the heights in La Estrella de Puebla, which offers the best view of the city and it is considered the largest Ferris wheel in Latin America with its 80 meters of height. It has 54 gondolas where 8 people can enjoy a spectacular view of the beauties of this city.

This attraction, also received the Guinness World Record for being the Ferris wheel with the largest diameter in the world. If you want a more extravagant experience, it has 4 gondolas for those who want an even more unique look, with glass floor. The tour is approximately 20 minutes long, if what you want is to live Puebla differently, do not miss out this attraction.

Definitely, Puebla has incredible places to visit that will capture your heart, but in order to enjoy your trip, you have to stay in a place with a top service. Best Western’s Plus Real de Puebla is an excellent option for the travelers who want to spend a great time in Puebla.