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The secrets of Puebla

The wonderful city of Puebla never ceases to amaze its visitors with innovative tourist attractions and corners full of history, even with what is hidden beneath this beautiful city.

For several years it was said that under the city there were secret tunnels that connected some churches with old buildings. Until 2014 all those stories were urban legends, until that year a remodeling of the city was made and one of the tunnels was found. After a long excavation, an underground network 10 kilometers long was discovered.

Research is still under way on the creation and use of these amazing tunnels, but it is believed that they were built during the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries to transport jewels and gold from the Catholic Church and later for the transportation of weapons and soldiers. Even that could be used during the battle of Puebla.

Nowadays you can go through these passages in a tour called The Secrets of Puebla. This underground adventure includes Secret Passage, The Old City Codex, The Bubas Bridge and The Loreto Passage. The tour begins at Puente de Ovando and costs $20 pesos.

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